Schnable Lake
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Quotes We hear there are changes going on at the lake...getting ready for new campsites. We're excited to see it next spring. We're currently camped at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia while I complete P.T. on my shoulder. In early December we will head further South. You can follow what we are up to on our blog: . See you in the spring! Quotes
Bev and Dave Holmes
Seasonal Campers

Quotes The trees have now fallen and the construction can begin for the new sites. Quotes
Park owner

Quotes We were "seasonals" back in the 70's for 5 or 6 years. What an awesome place to spend the summers! Fishing, swimming, Rummy 500 on rainy days. I made life long friends during those summers. Some of the best times of my life were spent there...eating Hobo Pies around the campfire. :) Quotes

Quotes This was my first time at Schnable Lake Family Campground. My family enjoyed everything schnable had to offer. Everyone was Friendly. It was a nice place to relax and be with family and friends. We will be returning again next year. Quotes

Quotes Whoa, tihngs just got a whole lot easier. Quotes

Quotes I am new to the campground this year. From what I've seen and the people I've met I am enjoying my time here already. Its ok to post your comment here to it won't hurt a bit hahaha! Quotes
Mark Robinson
Vietnam Veteran

Quotes This will be our 9th summer at Schnable Lake Family Campground. All I can say is that I could not have picked a better summer home for my children to grow at. This campground is a little slice of heaven. Fun times, good friends, and everyone helps everyone. No matter where you are from, when you are at Schnable Lake, you are family! Quotes
Peggy Walker
Seasonal, Lot 9

Quotes We welcome Kathy and Scott, on their first full season as owners/operators of Schnable Lake Family Campground. We've been at the campground twice since early April, and they have done lots of work around the grounds to improve things, and at our recent park meeting they introduced lots of new functions for the benefit of the campers (exercise room, mini-golf, etc.). We look foreward to a new season at the lake. Quotes
Beverly Holmes
Seasonal Camper

Quotes Awesome place to camp with good fishing and relaxing scenery. Quotes